5 simple steps to craft your master schedule with our automatic generator

What is a school master scheduler? Introducing Orchestra, here to take your troubles away! We understand how hard it is to satisfy everyone and we are here to help. No matter what type of school schedule you may have, Orchestra, in just 5 simple steps can help craft your master schedule. 

We have talked about a few of our features in our past articles. 100% hosted on cloud, helps you streamline to save time, assists in improving your college productivity, as well as enhancing student attendance. If you would like to learn more about the features in-depth, do check them out!

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Did you know that you can build your master schedule in just 3 days

With Orchestra, you definitely can!

Scheduling your master schedule could just be the most difficult part of your job. It is time-consuming and often times impossible to make everyone happy. In some cases, students are not being provided a solution and are told to just “accept it”. Now you can build your schedule while avoiding class conflicts and allowing course requests. In this article, we will be highlighting how Orchestra can make your scheduling experience better. Perfect master schedule in 5 simple steps with the help of our automatic generator! 

online school master scheduler builder

Equipped with robust features, Orchestra enables you to set constraints and customize your settings to fit your specific needs. Most importantly, our efficient and intuitive software also optimizes time by streamlining processes and automating tedious tasks making scheduling easy. As a result, it can reduce the manual labor needed to complete your schedule and allow you to focus on other important tasks. Moreover, it can also provide you with better insights when plotting your timetable and reveals clashes right away. This aids you in making better decisions faster.

Getting to a perfect schedule 

We specialize in building intricate algorithms to help you find the most efficient and effective way to get your master schedule done. Our algorithms are designed to take into account your unique needs, thus providing you with the best possible outcome in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is fill in your data and Orchestra will automate a master schedule according to your requests. 

The best part is, we have a ‘save point’ feature that allows you to save the current schedule scenario that has been built. You can go back to different steps to make slight changes, and see if that gets you even closer to 100%. With this, you won’t lose your work and you can play out different scenarios. If that intrigues you yet also sounds complicated, don’t worry. You can sign up for a free demo to watch the magic happen!

With only 5 simple steps, we at Orchestra look forward to helping you craft your master schedule with our online master scheduler and find the perfect solution for your scheduling needs.

Complete your master schedule in  5 simple steps!

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Step 1: Configure courses and teachers

In the first step, you can start by configuring Teachers who will be teaching for the semester. You also set up your Course Offering during the enrollment period. If you have set up a Master Schedule in QuickSchools from a previous enrollment period, you are able to seamlessly import settings from the previous semester into your new enrollment period.

Step 2: Manage course requests

During Step 2, you can set up Course Request Templates, Submitting Course Requests for Students, Bulk Course Requests and Mass Changing Course Requests.

Step 3: Set your constraints

When setting your constraints, you decide the time slots available, as well as teacher and venue availability. 

Step 4: Generate your schedule

After managing your course requests and setting constraints, allow the automatic generator to create your master schedule. 

Step 5: Load Students

In the final step, you get to check how well is the fit between the course requests submitted and the Master Schedule you designed.

And you’re done, perfect master schedule in just 5 simple steps! 

Finalizing your Master Schedule

If you are not completely satisfied with your master schedule, take it easy! You can utilize the drag-and-drop interface to easily move and reassign sections as needed. With our clean master schedule board, you can see all the details you need without the clutter getting in your way. 

Whenever you’re ready, effortlessly share your master schedule with teachers, students and parents. There you have it! Conveniently improved communication with parents by getting ahead and sending the master schedules out early. 

Increasing efficiency with Orchestra

We understand how vital clean interfaces are in software design to enhance user experience. Our automatic scheduler is intuitive, simple, and easy to navigate. This allows you to quickly access the information and features you need. This simple online scheduler utilizes smart technology that can greatly boost productivity and increase your efficiency. Orchestra offers a clean interface similar to the QuickSchools brand that assists in creating a smoother user experience.

With just 5 simple steps, you too can craft your perfect master schedule. After all, time is precious! This way, our automatic schedule generator not only helps save your precious time but also improves your timetabling efficiency. 

In conclusion, our Online Master Scheduler software can help you be highly prepared for the next semester. Your teachers, students and parents will be grateful for it. Ultimately, our automatic schedule generator ensures that you will have a positive scheduling experience with Orchestra.

We hope this has been helpful for you to gain some insight into the simplicity of using Orchestra. If you need more reasons to love our Online Master Scheduler, check out Top 6 Reasons why you will love our Master Scheduler Software. Feel free to let us know what you would like to see more in the future, we love hearing from you! 

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