Streamline your master schedule design process to save time

streamline your master schedule process

Your school’s master schedule is an incredibly important aspect of how you deliver your mission to students. It defines how long students spend on each subject, with each teacher, and in each classroom. Your master schedule can either enhance academic performance or become a source of stress for your students and faculty.

Working on the schedule involves a lot of people. This includes counselors, teachers, and school administrators. This list of people grows if you are a school offering many different courses with different teachers. Having to coordinate with everyone based on their schedule and what works best can take up a lot of time. Especially if your schedule is not current with today’s technology.

clean master schedule board

On top of this, students will also be involved in the scheduling process. They will be the ones who are selecting their course requests and this then leads to conflicts. Even more so when they want to pick courses that are being done simultaneously. No one can be like Hermione in Harry Potter with her time-turner (as much as we wish we could!) Find out how your team can build a master schedule in harmony and how you can complete your master schedule in just 5 easy steps!

How an online master schedule helps any educational institution

This is where an online master schedule can greatly help your educational institution/school or college. You will be able to collaborate with other stakeholders online and all in real-time. A school master schedule software such as Orchestra is designed to allow multiple users to edit the schedule. This eliminates a lot of internal conflict and hassle. All progress and amendments made to the schedule will be synced in real-time, which means that there is no need to save, share, and then wait for feedback. 

The easy share feature ensures that everyone can adjust to changing needs and requirements. The finished product is precisely what works for everyone. Once students start making course requests, everyone can straight away see conflicts and they can be fixed right away. No time is wasted before the new semester commences. 

Save time with an online master scheduler 

Your master schedule must usually be produced within a certain period. Essentially, if your master scheduling is done properly, it will be the backbone of a successful school. With Orchestra, you will be able to save time and scheduling would be a breeze. Once the stakeholders are happy with the completed master schedule, it can be easily shared. Including both students and parents either online or via a PDF. 

save time with Orchestra, the only master scheduling software you need

This streamlining process can help save precious time for everyone. More focus can be given to teachers to prepare for their classes and for school admins to see where they may need to hire more teachers to fix conflicts. You no longer have that dreaded feeling when it comes to creating a master schedule. 

A master scheduling system that is equipped with student course requests, a seamless collaboration experience, and is synced in real-time helps stakeholders tremendously. They can express their concerns, evaluate the current school schedule, make necessary adjustments, and get on the same page. A well-developed schedule puts students in the best position to flourish and prosper as well as eliminate unwanted pressure for all the members of the faculty. Never underestimate the power of a master schedule perfectly tailored to your scheduling needs.

Did you know that you can also improve and enhance student attendance? Get on board with Orchestra today! 

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