Communications with your students and their parents – How to improve it by reaching out early

For any school and its faculty, having a great relationship with your students and their parents can really make a school. It creates a community that people want to be a part of. Happy students lead to happy parents and this is what all schools would like to achieve. Hence, the first vital step to reaching this goal is to ensure you have good communication with your students, which leads to effective parent-teacher communication.

How do schools achieve better communication with students? 

Schools can start the initiative of keeping a good rapport by reaching out to students and parents early. Not only it shows good administration and management on the school’s part, but it also helps parents and students not have to deal with school matters at the very last minute. Communicating important information early allows parents to have enough time to prepare their children for school.

communicate with your students' parents better

Why is this important for the school?

Well, having a positive view of a school would ultimately lead to higher student intakes. This could be the result of positive online reviews, word of mouth, and even personal recommendations from parents themselves. A good relationship established with current parents and students would organically increase the student intake at the school. 

communication in schools is important

Before a new school year starts, it is essential for the school to get the master schedule ready and have them sent out. This should be done at an appropriate time that allows students to have time to get their school supplies ready and also mentally prepare for the new semester. It is also a way to ensure students are mentally ready for the new school year after a long refreshing break and perhaps even get them excited about school starting. Just imagine the horror if they were notified at the last minute. Students might not even have the time to get excited about school when they’re rushing to get everything ready. 

The downside of using a manual master schedule

However, when it comes to the master schedule, this complex task can take time. In fact, it takes a lot of time to craft the perfect schedule for students and teachers and might even cause a delay in communication. Students might receive their master schedule later than expected. Unfortunately, there are cases when the master schedule is done on the first day of school, leaving little time for teachers to prepare as well as the students.

Last-minute notifications can also lead to some courses being unavailable for students to enroll in for the new semester, which might result in them being disappointed or dissatisfied. What an unfortunate way to start the school year! 

deal with student course requests easily

We know the struggle. No matter how hard a master scheduler works on creating the schedule, manually creating a 100% perfect master schedule is extremely difficult and oftentimes impossible, especially without the help of a reliable master scheduler software. Trying to get the master schedule to a 100% might even cause more delay too. This is where it is vital for superintendents to not only choose software that works but is also super reliable and time effective. 

Course requests are what drive the master schedule and with Orchestra, you can allow your students to send in their course requests early. This can help your faculty to plan ahead and see what resources you need. With orchestra, on average a school is able to create a master schedule within 3 days. Share your schedule with students and parents before school starts through the student and parent portal well in advance, giving everyone an adequate period to prepare.

Is a Master Scheduler software for you?

Check out how Orchestra can help you maintain your school schedule easily or head over to check out the top six reasons why you will LOVE our master scheduler software. We hope this article gave you some insight into how you can improve your parent-teacher communication with the help of a robust and reliable scheduling software. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks! 

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