What is a School Master Scheduler?

A master schedule is a detailed timetable that sets out the myriad of classes being offered. It also shows the teachers who teach the different subjects, venues or classrooms the classes will be held. On top of that, the timings of each class and the lists of students who attend them will also be set out in the school master schedule. 

Otherwise known as the school schedule, it provides the complete information needed by any members of the school. They are able to refer to it for any information immediately. All the information is in one document. You can easily locate the availability of a teacher or a classroom.

The master schedule is important. It is created to meet students’ needs and ensure that the workings of the school run smoothly with no mix-ups or setbacks. Having a master schedule ensures that school resources are being appropriately utilized to their fullest potential. 

The simple student schedule on the other hand only shows the schedule of classes for students to attend and refer to daily. For a master schedule, depending on the students and the school curriculum, it includes student majors, minors as well as electives.

Utilizing a Master Scheduling Software

Creating master schedules are far from simple, but it CAN be done with the help of Orchestra.

Our master scheduler software maintains the same simplicity and ease of use that has been synonymous with the QuickSchools brand. The best part is that Orchestra is available as a standalone to all users who are just looking for a master scheduler! This means that if you already have a functioning student information system that serves you well, you do not have to worry about having to migrate to the QuickSchools SIS. Our main goal is to help you solve your scheduling problems. 

How a School Master Scheduler Software can ease your scheduling process

Collect Course Requests

The Orchestra master scheduler uses course requests to determine the number of sections to offer for each course. You can use Orchestra to pre-enroll students into courses by bulk creating course requests (based on specific criteria like grade level, English proficiency, or special needs). You can also use our Student Portal, which allows students to submit course requests online. If you have an SIS that already stores your course requests for you, you can simply import these course requests into Orchestra.

Crafting a schedule that works

Once course requests have been collected, you can start adjusting your constraints. This includes class sizes and the number of sections for each course. Orchestra can automatically assign sections to teachers based on course assignments and constraints. You can also use the drag-and-drop interface to easily move sections as needed. At the end of this process, you can produce a schedule board containing the schedule for each of your teachers.

Assign students to sections without conflicts

Once you’ve built your Schedule Board, it’s time to assign students to sections based on their course requests. Orchestra can help you do this easily while minimizing conflicts. Adjustments can be made to your Schedule Board to see how that affects the overall schedule for students. You can also create save points, and come back to a version of your schedule that works best for you.

Share your schedule with students and parents

Once your schedule has been built, you can export your schedule to your SIS. You can also directly share completed schedules with students and parents via email, or via an online portal on QuickSchools. We know that parents and students appreciate early access to their schedules so that they can make preparation well before school starts. Schools can improve communications with students and their parents by reaching out early.

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Can a School Master Schedule really increase your school’s efficiency? 

Other than improving your student attendance, the Orchestra Master Scheduler can also help improve your college productivity. With the master schedule being out of the way, teachers can improve the teaching and learning experience for students. 

Does your school need a Master Scheduler?

The streamlined scheduling process really helps to ease the task of creating a master schedule that would fit your school best. Hence, with the help of Orchestra, the tedious task of scheduling can be made easier and simpler with minimal conflicts. This saves a lot of time and effort that can be channeled to focus on a more pressing task. 

However, the question of whether your school needs a master scheduler depends on you. Such as the number of students, the number of courses you have offered, and the number of teachers and classrooms. If you feel like the timetabling process is a huge burden then feel free to try out our master scheduler software to ease your scheduling affairs!

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