Frequently Asked Questions about Orchestra by QuickSchools

New software on the market can be quite daunting and we understand you may have a lot of questions. We gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about Orchestra and explained them below. We hope it helps!

1. What is Orchestra by QuickSchools? 

Orchestra by QuickSchools offers a simple, timeless, and user-friendly master scheduler software that fulfills your school’s scheduling needs.

2. How is Orchestra better than a school scheduler that is included in Student Information System?

The scheduler that is included in our SIS leans towards a more “Simplified Schedule” which is mainly used for Elementary Schools where students know what subjects they’ll be taking. While Orchestra, the “Master Scheduler”, is a more recent addition, caters to more complex situations, and is mainly for High Schools where students will be requesting the subjects to take. Both our schedulers offer a drag-and-drop interface, conflict tracking, and personalized schedules in PDF format for students and teachers. Do check out our blog for more elaborate information.

3. How does Orchestra Master Scheduler work? 

Orchestra has a scheduling algorithm that allows the whole master scheduling process to be done in 3 days. We create all the sections that need to be on the master schedule board, import teacher data, calculate conflicts, and help you make decisions in solving any course conflicts that may occur. We allow you to also customize each section and allow you to ensure that the class seats are balanced as how you and your faculty want them.

4. Do I need to subscribe to QuickSchools SIS in order to use Orchestra?

One of the main benefits Orchestra has is that it is a stand-alone master schedule. Our online master scheduler can complement your current student information system. We understood that some schools weren’t able to change their current SIS but needed software that can build the master schedule. Orchestra is now the answer you have been searching for.

5. What kind of software programs do I require to run Orchestra?

All you need is a Web browser that can support HTML5 such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer (IE 9 and above).

6. Can I install Orchestra on my own servers?

Access Orchestra from anywhere on any device with just your browser. It’s really that simple. 

7. Do you offer support to your clients?

Get real-time support, even in the middle of the night! With our live chat support, you get answers to any questions or concerns that you have. You get to chat with real people that know the product, not robots. Our technical support can assist you with any technical problems you may face. Support is provided throughout the week by email (, by phone as well as live chat anytime during weekdays. This is absolutely free of charge.

8. How does Orchestra ensure my school’s data is safe from loss?

Your school’s data is important. At midnight every day, we back up your school’s important data to a different physical location. This is fully automatic and you don’t have to do anything to activate this service.

9. What type of reports can be found in Orchestra’s Report Analysis section?

Here are a few examples of custom reports that are available in Orchestra’s Report Analysis section: 

  • Student Schedules (from Courses & Sections)
    • List of Courses by Period for Active Semester
  • Master Scheduler Setup: Course Catalog
    • Course Info includes Credits, Department, Length, Next Course and Size (Min, Max and Target Settings)
  • Master Scheduler Step 1: Course-Teachers Configurations
    • Configured Number of Sections per Course / Teacher by Department (for Active / Next Enrollment Period)
  • Master Scheduler Step 1: Teacher Departments
    • Configured Departments for each Teacher within the Next Enrollment Period
  • Master Scheduler Step 2: Course Request Summary
    • Summary Requests by Course (For Active / Next Enrollment Period)
  • Master Scheduler Step 2: Course Request Imports
    • History of Course Request Imports
  • Master Scheduler Step 2: Student Next Grade
    • Comparison of Current Grade with Next Grade
  • Master Scheduler Step 4: Teacher Schedules
    • Teacher Schedules from Step 4 (include Weekly Schedules)
  • Master Scheduler Step 4: Link No
    • List of Sections with Link No (required for Weekly Scheduling)
  • Master Scheduler Step 5: Course Request Analysis
    • Summary Unassigned/Unassigned Requests by Course (For Active / Next Enrollment Period)

There are many more different types of reports that can be created and will depend on your individual needs.

10. What payment methods are accepted?

We provide our clients with several online credit card payment methods which include Visa, Master Card, and American Express. We accept currency in US dollars and our payment gateway is powered by Stripe.

11. Does QuickSchools offer training services? 

Orchestra is a full-serviced product – where the cost of purchasing the platform covers the initial demo, assistance with data imports, training, and additional meetings as needed to help the school to complete the schedule. If you encounter problems, you have access to our live chat support personnel who are always happy to assist you. All in all, you will not need to pay for expensive training.

Do you have any other questions we didn’t cover? Sign up for a free demo and ask our Orchestra experts all your inquiries you may have.

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