Top 3 Reasons Why Teachers’ Input for The Master Schedule Process is Important

A master schedule is an essential tool in fostering equity and ensuring student achievement in school. An effective schedule is key to the success of its pupils and is often overlooked. It takes tremendous effort to curate the perfect timetable which is definitely not a one-person job. Student data and teacher input must be carefully studied in order to cater to all parties. 

Why teachers’ input is important? 

1. The master schedule will reflect the teacher’s needs and their assessment of students’ needs. Teachers will have a say on what they think and feel is best for their students. If anyone were to have the final say before a schedule is published and distributed, it should be teachers. As educators, they would know what is best for their students. It’s understandable for teachers to give their input in the master schedule process.

2. Teachers will feel more empowered and are willing to make changes. When teachers are actively involved in the process, they are aware of what is going on. If teachers are more involved, they can anticipate the changes and understand why it was necessary. Teachers would willingly become more flexible, especially if the schedule addresses their concerns. They will be more involved in the process and not just accept classes “as is”.

3. Teachers need to understand the reasons for making changes to the master schedule. They can be coached on the possibilities or downsides of their choices. The traditional way is usually to give the finalized timetable to them. Coaching teachers on the options instead of the more traditional approach breathes fresh ideas into the routine. They are also less likely to feel any resentment toward the changes as they have been part of the process. Inclusivity is crucial in bringing a more positive work culture to the faculty. 

4. This is not to say that teachers should now carry yet another burden of being responsible for the master schedule. We are aware that teachers already have so much on their plates and the administration staff exists for a reason, to help with the administration of the school. Teachers should just have a say and be able to voice out their concerns as well as give their input in order to ensure the teaching and learning experience runs smoothly. 

A master scheduler software for the whole faculty

If you have had trouble finding a viable scheduling solution, you can stop looking! With Orchestra, you are able to seamlessly collaborate with multiple stakeholders in the scheduling process. Changes made to the work-in-progress are updated in real-time. You no longer have to manually go back and forth with every stakeholder involved to communicate the edits made or ask for feedback. 

Teachers can easily give their input on the master schedule to create an effective strategy and jointly build an innovative master schedule alongside other staff members. Easily drag and drop slots to address the issues or feedback discussed before it is finalized.  With our online master scheduler, say goodbye to sleepless and restless nights trying to complete the master schedule before the school year starts. Our online master scheduler helps you build the optimal master schedule in just half the time. Scheduling made easy, get on board Orchestra today!  

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