Top 10 best activities to celebrate Star Wars Day in the classroom

star wars activities for students

The Star Wars film series has captivated audiences worldwide for over four decades. It has become a cultural phenomenon that spawned numerous books, toys, games, and theme park attractions. There’s no better time to celebrate with your students through various educational and fun activities other than on May 4th (because it sounds like may the force like the iconic saying “May the force be with you”. Right?). 

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the Star Wars universe, grab your lightsabers, put on your favorite Star Wars t-shirt, and let’s celebrate!

  1. Captivate Your Students with Star Wars Magic in Classroom Lessons
    1. Not So Far, Far Away – Geography Class Idea
    2. Science and Star Wars 
    3. Teaching With Star Wars
    4. The Mathematics Shed
    5. Star Wars Crawl Creator – English lessons
  2. May the Fun Be With You: Exciting Star Wars-themed games and activities for the classroom 
    1. Star Wars Crafts
    2. Reward your students for their hard work by assigning some enjoyable gameplay.
    3. Costume Contest 
    4. Star Wars Trivia
    5. The Classic Movie Marathon

Captivate Your Students with Star Wars Magic in Classroom Lessons

Not So Far, Far Away – Geography Class Idea

Teach your students about latitude and longitude based on Star Wars fictional planetary locations and their Earthly analogs. Students will learn how filmmakers used various extreme Earth landscapes as the basis for other-worldly Star Wars scenes. They will be able to locate and label on the map the real-world locations that filmmakers took inspiration from in the Star Wars movies. Teachers could also incorporate Google Maps into this lesson for a better experience.

teach your students the star wars films locations

Science and Star Wars 

On the show, Science and Star Wars, C-3PO himself, Anthony Daniels, joins us for a look at how artificial intelligence is being used here on Earth. Considering the conversation about AI is suddenly booming right now, we can see how it is helping us in our day-to-day lives. They have a whole playlist of interesting videos that you can definitely teach to your students.

Teaching With Star Wars

The true lessons to be learned from Star Wars aren’t about advanced technology. Instead, they’re about navigating life, whether in a galaxy far, far away, or right here on Earth. Star Wars expert and educator Dan Zehr’s terrific series of articles examines ideas such as commitment, learning from failure, and leadership in the context of Star Wars and the classroom.

science and star wars

You can also teach the importance of right and wrong to your students. With this, even if they may have done something bad, there is always a way to fix it and be better. They can walk away from the ‘dark side’, even if they have stumbled into it. Students should always learn that there is hope and positivity that will happen, even if things look grim. For example, looking at the life of Anakin Skywalker. Your older students may be able to debate whether he was on the dark side in the end. 

The Mathematics Shed

This blog features Star Wars flashcards, geometry questions based on Star Wars characters and spacecraft, and, impressively, a Darth Vader blueprint lesson. There are some great resources to make maths fun, especially for your younger students.

all about c3po and AI

Star Wars Crawl Creator – English lessons

In this lighthearted look at the iconic Star Wars crawling-text introduction, users simply edit the text to create their own reimagining. Ideal for storytelling and movie-making lessons—in addition to fun—at the end of the school year.  

Explore great ideas for using Star Wars themes to teach music, social studies, English, Science, and other various subjects in May the 4th Be With You: Real-World Connections in the Classroom and Beyond. The New York Times also has lesson plans (Teaching ‘Star Wars’ With The New York Times) ready for teachers to utilize in the classroom. 

May the Fun Be With You: Exciting Star Wars-themed games and activities for the classroom 

Star Wars Crafts

There are plenty of Star Wars-themed crafts that you can do with your students. For example, you could have them make paper lightsabers or Yoda origami. Take the chance to explore software engineer Martin Hunt’s extensive collection of Star Wars-themed origami plans and have fun making some Starwarigami! 

star wars arts and crafts for your students

Reward your students for their hard work by assigning some enjoyable gameplay.

Star Wars Online Games has more than fifty high-quality browser-based digital games with Star Wars themes ranging from lightsaber battles to clone wars. After a hard day of work or perhaps a tough quiz or assignment, an online game may be a great reward.

Costume Contest 

Encourage your students to dress up as their favorite Star Wars character and hold a costume contest in the classroom. You could give out prizes for the most creative or accurate costumes. They can even explain more about their costume and the character that they are embodying. You can also look out for some Star Wars cosplay competitions as encouragement that others participate in these events too. The amount of effort these cosplayers put into their costumes can be truly inspiring, especially for students interested in the arts.

Star Wars Trivia

Test your student’s knowledge of the Star Wars universe by hosting a trivia game. You could split the class into teams and have them compete against each other. Make sure to have a mix of fun and challenging questions! This can coincide with other activities you have done, such as watching the movies or even after the costume contest.

The Classic Movie Marathon

If you have the time, you could have a Star Wars movie marathon in the classroom. You could watch the original trilogy or some of the newer movies. Just get the popcorn ready, make sure to get permission from parents beforehand, and that your students are the appropriate age!

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” We hope this article has given you some insight and ideas to celebrate May 4th with your students, while still keeping it educational.

Have fun and May the Force be with You!

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