How you can improve and enhance your student attendance with Orchestra

Student attendance is undeniably a critical factor in student success. Being absent regularly would produce a higher chance of a dropout student. Students with poor attendance records bring home lower grades. This showcases how attendance and success are closely related. Regular attendance helps students improve academically and keep up with their syllabus. There are many aspects of why students are constantly absent from class or just lose interest in continuing their education.

graph showcasing how good attendance improves performance
Source: ResearchGate

How Poor Scheduling affects Attendance

Believe it or not, one of the biggest contributing factors is in fact, the school schedule. Packed schedules or students not having the option to choose their subjects are prime examples. It may seem trivial, but having to sit through classes you are practically “forced” to do sounds demotivating. 

However, we shouldn’t blame master schedulers and counselors. We understand that scheduling is a tedious and stressful process that takes a lot of hard work. Sometimes even after all the blood, sweat, and tears, you still fail to keep everybody satisfied. There are lots of demands and expectations from all the stakeholders that it seems too far-fetched to create a master schedule JUST perfect for everyone. 

How Orchestra Can Help Ease your Scheduling Burden

It is tragic when the result of poor master scheduling is poor attendance. There is always a solution to every problem and together, Orchestra is here to help you effortlessly curate your school timetable that would benefit everyone; teachers, students, counselors, and even parents! They would be really grateful for helping them keep their children in school. 

Boost personalized learning

Every student is different and has their own interest. Maybe some students are not interested in chemistry. Perhaps some prefer biology and others are passionate about arts. Creating high school or college classes that don’t interest students isn’t a positive learning environment. They will lack the passion to participate or thrive. They should be allowed to choose subjects they wish to study. Placing students in their unchosen courses may seem easier to get the master schedule done. But is it the best choice for everyone?  

Having the right resources to seamlessly curate a master schedule is now possible.  With an effective master scheduler, you would be able to meet every student’s needs as well as teacher and venue availability. Creating THE master schedule you want is definitely possible with Orchestra. 

Taking into account student interest would boost personalized learning. Different subjects require different teaching styles and putting students in the ‘right’ classes would reflect improvement in student attendance.

Effective master scheduling

Improving student experience in school is key to school success. Granting students the freedom and power to choose their combination of various courses and subjects would create a positive impact on their attendance. Students will less likely skip classes they have most likely chosen themselves.

Our team has been working closely with Online Oregon School, which is a part of Stride, for the past year. They have seen their pilot schools using Orchestra were able to retain students more, as well as better academic gains. These are extremely positive results that we hope to see more in other schools. Perhaps your school?

With many schools facing a drastic drop in the percentage of students due to dropouts and the high absenteeism rates, it is only right that you do not have to face the same consequences. Try out Orchestra today and experience our effective master scheduler for yourselves.

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